1. A Tour of Your Last Summer

    Share your best summer memories with others! Bring them to life for all to enjoy.

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    A Tour of Your Last Summer

    Every year, we look forward to the summer, the warmest of the four seasons. Well-deserved holidays can be a real gift for anyone because it’s not just taking rest after work or studies but also an excellent opportunity for us to visit new places or, being a year older, to see some familiar sights in a new light.

    What memories has last summer given you? Which place impressed you most? Our project will enable you to act as a tour operator guiding others through your favorite sights and locations. The subject of your story depends on your choice—it can be a town, a certain architectural wonder, a picturesque piece of water, or a wide plain surrounded by forests.

    You choose the size and scope of your excursion. Select the most impressive and attractive site of your summer holiday, write a short essay about it, and illustrate your story with 3–7 photos.

    All the photos should be taken by you. Tell your story as if you were a guide taking all project members on a tour. The volume limit of your content is 3000 characters with spaces.

    When uploading photos to your Report Form, do not forget to label and annotate them.

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