1. Where on Earth Are We?

    GlobalLab starts with a mystery — who is part of the GlobalLab community? Where do we live? What do we like? How are we similar and how do we differ?

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    Where on Earth Are We?

    Welcome to the GlobalLab community. What makes us a community is we share a common interest — exploring the world around us. But who are we? What are you joining? This is the first in a series of projects that will enable us to discover who we are as a community.

    To start solving this mystery, in this project and the next, all of us in the community will share information about where we live.
    Where do we live? On mountains or by oceans? In cities or countrysides? Where we live determines the environment around us and offers clues about who we are.

    You and other GlobalLab classes will complete this project's Report Form that describes your local environment. This is also a way of introducing ourselves to the GlobalLab community.

    But how do we tell other people where we live?
    To direct someone to a location in your community, you could use your community’s grid of streets and roads. This approach, however, is limited to your community. How does your smartphone or the navigation system in cars know where you are even if you’re far from home? They use a system called geographical coordinates, an imaginary grid of horizontal and vertical lines across the entire surface of the globe. The system enables anyone to precisely identify any location on Earth.

    We’ll learn about this system to determine where each GlobalLab class or participant is located.

    Begin exploring the rest of the community
    Thanks to the information you submit in this and the next project about your location, we can begin to learn about each other. Which school is furthest north? Furthest south? In the wettest environment? The driest? Which school gets the most snow? This project makes discovering the answers to these and other questions easy and fun.

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