1. This Is Our School

    Want to learn about students, ask them about their schools. Here, we’ll share some information about the schools in our GlobalLab community.

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    This Is Our School

    Schools play a large and important role in students’ lives. We’ve shared information about our environments and our home towns to learn about our GlobalLab community. Now we’ll learn about our schools.

    We’ll learn about the similarities of our schools, yet we hypothesize that each school is also unique. How are they both similar and unique?

    How old are our schools? How big are they? How many students do they have? How many are boys and how many are girls? What kinds of athletic fields and spaces do they have?

    Note: You should be able to obtain some of the information for this project at your school’s administration office. Ask your teacher for help.

    We’ll share a little about the classes in which we do GlobalLab. How big are they? How many are boys and how many are girls?

    We’ll also get a sense of our school days by sharing the times our school day starts and ends, as well as how many days each week we go to school.

    Moreover, we’ll get a sense of how far we live from our schools. Do students in cities live closer to their schools than students in the suburbs or in the country?

    Finally, because a picture is worth a 1,000 words, an aphorism that might be eternally true, we’ll share photos of our schools. We’ll build a photo gallery that will let us see the schools in our community.

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