1. Our Pets

    People worldwide keep pets. What kinds of pets do we keep in GlobalLab? And why? We’ll find out in this project.

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    Our Pets

    Whether we have pets and what kinds they are can say something about us. But what are pets? Why do we let animals into our homes and care for them? We even consider our pets to be family members. In exchange, what do pets do for us? Does an animal need to interact or communicate with us to be called a pet? Would the ants in an ant farm be considered pets, for example?

    In Our Pets, we’ll learn about the pets in our GlobalLab community. Does anyone have a horse for a pet? A goat? A sloth? A macaw? A cockroach? Does where we live influence the kinds of pets we have? In some countries, typical pets are cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, fish, or turtles. In others, pets may be tamed monkeys or kangaroos. Is there any pattern between the kinds of pets and their locations on the world map?

    Finally, we’ll explore why we have pets and what they do for us. What are our top reasons for keeping pets? Might there be reasons we haven’t considered? Also, pets require time and money to keep. What do they provide us in exchange?

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