1. Clothes make the man

    Do you think whether it is easy to wear folk dress in the modern life? Are there any nations in the world nowdays who wear national costumes in every day life?

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    Clothes make the man

    Clothes gives us a  great opportunity to express ourselves. Traditional clothes helps to make it especially finely. There is  much sense in folk dress. Each element has its own purpose and has been creating for ages. The national  costume performs several functions. The first one is to protect people in all weather conditions. Another one – the social function, plays an important  part. It shows the role of people in the society, their  social status.

    Unfortunately nowdays the interest to the national dress has been faded, but it is a very important element of culture, which eloquently tells about the features of each nation, its traditions, history and creativity.You have a chance  to  present your region unique national costume and enjoy the others.You can create your own variant of the folk dress. You can choose any technique  you  would like.

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