1. Eco Economy

    The nature is a living organism. It feels the pain. It can suffer just as we do. The humanity has been exploiting it for many centuries. We have always seen the nature as an inexhaustible well of sources only. But now we know that one day sources will be run out. Ruthless exploitation makes a great damage to the nature. Our growing appetite cannot be satisfied by it. We should develop new ways of using the sources. These ways lead to Eco Economy.

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    Eco Economy

     Extensive method outlived its usefulness in the 20th century. But this way intensive method got a great impetus forward. It showed the humanity advantages of the rational using of sources. Alternative methods of getting energy such as wind, sun, water are cheaper and safer than traditional ones. Recycling gives new lives to used products. So, the intensive way gives us an opportunity to save recourses and the nature. It helps us to develop eco economy.

    Our work is extremely actual nowadays because of serious ecological problems that should be solved.

    I am working on my research work for scientific conference. The name of my project is 'Eco Economy' and I extremely need your help. In my hometown i don't have an opportunity to convey a survey among the foreigners but Globallab is giving a hand! Please, answer the enclosed questions. I would be incredibly grateful for every participant. Thank you!

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