1. Globalization...What is it?

    Нave you ever heard about globalization. And what do you know about it?

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    Globalization...What is it?

    Globalization - is a process of increasing economic interdependence of countries, following increasingly integration national markets, services and capitals, active migration of people and movement of information flows beyond the national borders. The concept of globalization was introduced into the scientific lexicon in the mid-1990s. And it had became widespread, despite the fact that it does not have a clear, unambiguous definition.

    Globalization does not includes only economic, but also non-economic spheres - cultural and scientific cooperation between countries, international tourism, information network Internet, etc. Some features of globalization appeared in antiquity. For example, the Roman Empire established hegemony on the Mediterranean. It had led to a deep interlacement of different cultures and emergence interregional division of work.

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