1. Higglety, pigglety, pop!

    Why would Humpty Dumpty sit on a wall if he knew he was likely to fall and break himself into a million pieces? Why ask Baa Black Sheep if he had wool, when he’s a sheep and he has plenty of wool? As you have already guessed, we are going to talk about Nursery Rhymes. What is so attractive about them? Are they so popular as they used to be?

    Higglety, pigglety, pop!

    Nursery Rhymes are fun, children love them, and they provide a warm, nurturing experience between parent and child. Songs and rhymes for young children have been passed down for generations. Nursery Rhymes is a genre of children's English folklore, which includes a variety of rhymes, lullabies, counting songs, fables and teasers. They are full of humor, but their characters sometimes do curious things that are difficult to explain. Let's get to know these heroes better, find out their English names, where they live, what happens to them. What do Nursery Rhymes teach, what hidden meaning do they carry and how does this relate to English history?

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