1. This is Our Home

    What can we learn about someone by asking about their home town? Are home towns both similar and unique? What’s special about yours?

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    This is Our Home

    In the prior two projects, we learned about the environments in which we live. Now, let’s look at the cities and towns where we live. How many of us live in cities, the suburbs, or small towns can tell us much about our GlobalLab.

    If we live in a city, we might have more opportunities for cultural pursuits like concerts and museums. If we live in small towns or on farmlands, we’ll probably have more access to the natural environment and maybe spend more time outdoors. If we live in suburbs, we might have a little of both. Where we live can affect the sports we play, our hobbies and interests, and even the kinds of pets we have.

    In this project, we’ll learn more about ourselves by sharing what kinds of communities we live in.

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