1. How Noisy is Our World?

    Is your world noisy? Are some places louder than others? Does noise bother you? Can noise be a form of pollution? Let’s map noise levels and find out.

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    How Noisy is Our World?

    Let’s experiment. Close your eyes and just listen for a while. What do you hear? Do you hear the sounds of the wind blowing, car engines revving, birds singing, or perhaps a TV anchorperson broadcasting?

    We are so used to the sounds around us that we don’t notice the acoustic background that surrounds us day in, day out. Unlike the sounds of nature, anthropogenic sounds—those produced by human activities—is an “acoustic attack” that can strongly impact our wellbeing. When the noise around us gets so bad that it impairs our mood and/or our health, we can refer to it as environmental noise pollution.

    GlobalLab participants are mapping noise pollution all around the globe. How bad is noise pollution on your street? In your house? What is the source of noise? Is it the same throughout your neighborhood, your town, or your country?

    To find out, you can measure noise pollution and compare your findings with the data submitted by other participants.

    Let’s make a World Noise Map together!

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