1. Idioms: Alive and Kicking Today?

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    Are idioms a dime a dozen or are they on their way out? Are they widely used or becoming obsolete? As cultures evolve, how do idioms keep pace?

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    Idioms: Alive and Kicking Today?

    Why would you pull somebody's leg? How can it be raining cats and dogs? Is your friend mad at you, accusing you of spilling the beans?

    Idioms, a genre of speech similar to proverbs and clichés, are figurative phrases assigned meaning through their common usage. Throughout the ages they have added spice to our language, and because the figurative meaning differs from the literal meaning these image-heavy phrases make our speech colorful and rich.

    Has the rapid pace of change in globalization, language, and technology outpaced the relevance of cultural and traditional idioms? This is a possibility philologists* have started tracking.

    So, what is cooking in your language? What is the word on the street? Join us in a philological investigation: lets get to the bottom of idiom usage in our everyday communications. Are they still being used? If so, how frequently and which ones? Are “classic” ones in use and/or are new ones replacing them as our worlds and realities change?

    * Philology - the study of a language

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