1. From all the places on the Earth… where would you like to live?

    Let’s imagine that our entire planet is our home and we can choose any of its corners. Which place would you choose for yourself? Would it be a big city or a small village? Would you have enough courage to live on an island or on high mountains? Maybe you have your own criteria how to choose your perfect place? Let’s share it with each other!

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    From all the places on the Earth… where would you like to live?

    My mother moved from Yaroslavl to Moscow. Mother of my father moved to Moscow from Sochi. One of my classmates moved to USA for permanent living with her family. Some of colleagues moved to Saint-Petersburg, London, Sochi and other places. One of them even moved to New Zeeland. I myself moved from a capital city to a small village several years ago.

    I guess in each family someone can be found who left its birth town and chose another place for living. I guess it happens due to different living circumstances, such as education, work, safety or love. We choose where to move also by using some social and political criteria: there are most safe places and less safe; there are expensive and cheap areas; there are places with or without schools, kinder gardens, jobs, universities, hospitals and so on.
    But what if…? What if there are no social and political limitations? What if people can move all around the world without any barriers, following only their hearts? How people spreading would be looking then? Where most of the people would prefer to live? Let’s find it out together!

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