1. Which Berry is the Most Acidic?

    Berries differ by the amounts of sugar and organic acids, such as citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Which type of berry is the most acidic? Is it true that the more sour a berry, the lower is its pH? Working together in this investigation, we will find out.

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    Which Berry is the Most Acidic?

    The berries of many plants contain a variety of sugars and organic acids. Sugars include fructose, glucose and sucrose; acids include ascorbic, citric, succinic, oxalic, formic, benzoic, salicylic, et al. The combination of the sweet taste of sugars and the sour taste and flavor of organic acids define the flavor of berries.

    In this project, we will measure the pH of fresh juice in edible berries in search of the sweet–and–sour "champions" among them.  We will then investigate the connection between the taste of the berry and the pH–value of its juice.

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