1. Books and their characters

    Beauty, super hero, villain, or average person – what type of protagonists prevail in the pages of our favorite books?

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    Books and their characters

    It is said that the personalities and actions of book characters reflect their era of origin. For example, it is unlikely that you will meet a football player in a chivalric novel or that a knight in shining armor will appear in a modern spy novel. On the other hand, a story set in a large city can feature a variety of characters: a lonely old lady, a successful businessman, or a beautiful college student. Any one of these character types can play the role of protagonist.

    It is the portrait of protagonist and his relationship with the book’s author that we will investigate in this project. And, of course, we will not forget about our own role: we will include an examination of the way in which readers regard main characters!

    To participate in the project, you simply have to select one book that has characters. It can be a short story, a novel, a tale, or an epic poem. The events described in the book occur in a certain historical period, and may take place in the unknown future or even in another dimension. It is important that the story plot is clear to you and that you are able to clearly identify specific characters. Remember that an accurate analysis of the characters requires the reader to hold a clear understanding of the context, time period, and themes found in the book. Do not be afraid to express your opinion! In this project, you will not be judged for sympathizing with the bad guy or for disliking the hero. Honest evaluation is the important component for success in this project.

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