1. Remembering the Animals

    People have been making and erecting animal statues for centuries. Throughout history animal statues have often been religious objects representing a deity or a totem. What kind of animal statues are found in cities today? And why?

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    Remembering the Animals

    Many towns, even small ones, have at least one statue commemorating someone or a group of people. There are statues of war heroes and politicians, writers and composers, monuments to epic events, celebrities and minorities. Some of these memorials are long-lasting, while others are short-lived, demolished as funding disappears or politics change. And yet there is a category of statue outside politics and fleeting fame. These are the focus of our project- statues of animals. Why do we erect these memorials today?

    Is it, perhaps, to remind ourselves that, “we are all creatures of one family"? (quote attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology, who lived in Italy in 12th century.)

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