1. Peace One Day

    For many people on our planet the world is an everyday reality. We live under a peaceful blue sky, enjoy life, to dream of something more than the world and try to become a person in this large and imperfect world. However, for many people, the world is a dream or a fairy tale. Already at an early age, many children learn the meaning of war-blood, death, loss of loved ones, lack of funds to exist.

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    Peace One Day

    And with a purpose - to stop fire and violence, in 1981, the General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Peace (International Day of Peace). Since then, the festival is celebrated every year on September 21, millions of people are involved, covering many countries and regions. It aims to get people to not only think about the world, but also to do something for him.

    Make the world a whole day ... Perhaps the loudest words spoken once from the mouth of Jeremy Gilley. In 1999, Jeremy founded Peace One Day, a nonprofit organization, and in 2001 the Member States of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence of September 21 - Peace Day.

    Jeremy Gilley has created a film that is dedicated to the history of the Day of Peace. And at the end of the film are three steps to Peace One Day

    Decide what you will do to achieve Peace, 21 September: in school, at home or in your local community;

    Register your promise online www.peaceoneday.org

    Tell other people all over the world, and ask them to Three Steps to Peace One Day.

    And what you can do for peace? And what is the world for you?

    World - it is not something that need only be willing

    This is something that you create

    What are you doing

    What you

    What you give to others

    Robert Fulgam

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