1. Morning bells are ringing...

    Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing. Ding ding dong, ding ding dong. "Brother Jacob", a French nursery melody. The average person concerns how he passes the time, talented person wants to use it. A. Schopenhauer

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    Morning bells are ringing...

    The old clock is not far behind. Just time accelerates...

    Mikhail Mamchich

    Modern people life is submited to strict regulations. Clock helps us to keep up with hectic. Outside we use watch or mobile phone. But sometimes we take a glance to the city clock, they are almost everywhere.

    Our city clock play an important public information role, their reliability and accuracy must be very high.

    Front street clock  is the most monumental. Their diameters of dials can reach more then ten meters.

    Street clock tower  is the pride and decoration of the city. People from all countries carefully preserve and restore them. Ringing clock tower is an indispensable attribute of city life.

    Architectural clock is combined with a sculptural composition or complex ornaments.

    You can see street clock on the towers, front of buildings, pillars, designs of information signs. The clock can have internal or external illumination, and chime can be programmed for different time.

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