1. Toy museum

    In this project, we invite you to study such "unscientific" items as toys. We encounter them almost every day, but they are rarely considered objects worthy of scientific research. Let us fill this gap in research!

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    Toy museum

    Buzz Lightyear: Do you know these life forms?

    Woody: Yes, they're Andy's toys.

    From the movie “Toy story.”

    All adults were once children – dads and moms, grandfathers and grandmothers. And all of them played with toys. By and large, the toys they played with were different from the ones children play with today. Over the past 20–25 years life has changed. Are these changes reflected in children's toys, and if so, how?

    A toy’s life is usually short: the overwhelming majority of them are simply thrown away as children grow older. However, a toy is an interesting and very important material object of any culture, largely shaping, and shaped by, the culture of its origin and use. There is almost no serious scientific literature on this subject. This type of study, first of all, requires someone to collect and then examine as many toys of each period as possible. Such a study is a large undertaking, one which is beyond the scope of just one person.

    But, with your help, we hope to fill this gap. We suggest you look for an old toy around you and investigate it on your own. The older your choice is, the more valuable the item will be in our online museum. Modern toys will, of course, also find a place in our museum.

    Our project is not limited to filling in the Report Form! Discuss your findings and their time period in the “Discussion” section, ask questions, and look for answers together with other participants. Perhaps a toy you could not identify or date by yourself will be recognized in another city, country, or even on another continent.

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