1. My Pets

    If you have one or more pets, tell us about them and discover the kinds of animals other participants have as pets. Does anyone have a horse for a pet? A goat? A sloth? A macaw?

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    My Pets

    What kinds of animals do we welcome into our homes, care for, and often consider family members? In some countries, typical pets are cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, fish, or turtles. In other countries, pets may be tamed monkeys or kangaroos.

    Compare your replies to those of other participants. Explore their pets on the map. Find those who have the same pets as you and those whose pets seem exotic. Is there any pattern between the kinds of pets and their locations on the map?

    Participate in discussions about our community’s various pets and leave comments in the project blog. Discuss your findings with other participants and discover friends and colleagues for new projects.

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