1. Do not believe your eyes.

    People take in a majority of their sensory information by means of their sight. Visual images are used everywhere today- in laser shows, street art, video effects, etc. We are used to trusting our vision; however, it often deceives us and can even sometimes show us something that does not really exist. It is interesting to know whether all people see optical illusions in the same way.

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    The word illusion is of French origin meaning, “appearance, something imaginary, deceptive; a trick of the senses.”

    A visual deception involving common objects confuses the mind, playing rather mean tricks. Optical illusions are simply a visual deception of our mind. When an eye receives an image, the brain starts an enormous number of processes. We begin analyzing this process like a computer –considering perspective and points of view, planes and angles, colors and sources of light. In many cases this analysis turns out to be inaccurate because of our subconscious correction of visual patterns or illusions. There are different types of optical illusions.

    Does everyone occasionally see images incorrectly? Are there rules to creating optical illusions?

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