Today anyone can become a helper of the Earth. Help can only affair. And children can participate. Yes, Yes. Сhildren can help the planet. It is important that there was a desire to meet at the weekend with friends or with family and make something simple that requires no special costs and approvals, such that you just, their own, to act. After all, the future is coming in a minute. And, you see, well, if it was at this time somewhere on Earth plant trees, peacefully solve problems, clean up after themselves, help each other... Let such minutes, hours, days will be more. The project is supported by the Junior international organization "United by space".

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    Humanity has knowledge and technology, to provide everyone a decent standard of living. The main thing that is lacking in most people is to understand that everyone is part of one whole - PLANET EARTH. Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual problems are interconnected, and only together we can find the right solutions.

    In this project, every child will be able to offer the idea of SIMPLE things to help the planet, to make it together with friends and to tell others so that they also could help the Earth.

    Our motto: "Turn the word "wish" in the "do it!". Started teenagers from different countries at the International forum "Guardians of the Earth", which was held in the Gagarin Research &Test Cosmonaut Training Center http://uni-space.ru/index/otkroj_svoe_serdce_plan...

    Of course, if only we will implement planned, would not benefit much. But even in this case we will be able to improve life on our planet. But, if we can turn these things in school! Maybe we will be able to attract more people using the Internet... there is No doubt that each of you is capable of thinking, to find, easy and interesting solution, which he knows. Join us. Create your project to project Director.

    You too can become the AMBASSADOR of the OPEN HEART. Who, if not the young to seek opportunities and solve problems of preservation of the planet? She will soon get it to us.

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