1. Passenger transport collection

    Let's learn to distinguish the types of transport. Maybe in some places there is no need in public transport at all.

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    Passenger transport  collection

    There are different types of transport - some of them fly in the sky, some run on the roads, others float across the seas and oceans. All vehicles can be divided into the following types:

    Air transport : airplanes, helicopters, balloons, rockets, airships.

    Land transport : cars, fire trucks, bicycles, trains, buses, motorcycles, tractors, tram, excavator.

    Water transport : ships, boats, motoboats, yachts, submarines, powerboat, sailboat.

    Underground transport: metro.

    Each type of transport is beneficial to people. Some of them help us to build houses, others carry cargo and passengers. People use buses and trams to get to work. Many people use private transport. In this project, we will talk about public transport, find out what kinds of public transport can be found in different places. Maybe somewhere there are river taxis, and somewhere children get to school on a helicopter?

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