1. Noise Patrol: Day Watch, Night Watch

    Rarely do we take time to listen to how noisy our world can be. Stop and listen. What sounds do you hear? Day or night, quiet or loud, pleasant or abrasive - noise can be a form of pollution. Let's map noise levels and see what we discover.

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    Noise Patrol: Day Watch, Night Watch

    Buffeted by sound at all times we hardly notice the noise that accompanies us throughout the day and night. Whether it is the chirp of a cricket, the rustling of the wind, the distant roar of a highway, or the sound of thunderous applause at a sporting event we are rarely in a silent place.

    What noises do you hear around your home and in your community? Do these sounds vary from day to day? Are there different noises or noise levels depending on the time of day or night?

    To find answers to these questions, we invite you to become a Noise Patrol Scout. Measure the noise level in your community for a week and compare noise levels at different time of the day and different days of the week.

    Submit your data so it can be compared to the data submitted by other participants. Lets together discover the state of our sonic world!

    Be sure to also check our How Noisy is Our World? project where GlobalLab participants are mapping noise pollution around the world.

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