1. Right-handed or left-handed?

    Let us find out how many right-handed and left-handed people there are among project participants.

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    Right-handed or left-handed?

    Are you a “rightie” or a “leftie”? The answer seems to be easy: if I write with my right hand, I am a “rightie” and if I write with the left one I’m a “leftie”. But is it really such a simple equation? There are some people who use their right hand to write and the left hand to draw. Into which category would this person be placed?

    The right and left cerebral hemispheres differ from each other. We need them for opposite actions. The left hemisphere is responsible for concrete thinking, mathematical calculations, conscious thought and action, speech, reading and writing, and gross motor functions. The right side of the brain tends to be used for abstract thinking, unconscious thought and action, conceptual thinking, rhythm, perception of music and intonation, spatial orientation, and feelings. As a person becomes aware of the ways in which his/her brain functions (ie. which side of the brain is dominant) he/she can perhaps make better decisions regarding future careers and activities which might be a good fit.

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