1. The Water You Drink

    To avoid problems with your teeth or your health in general, the pH of tap water you drink should be close to neutral. But what is the actual pH of the tap water you drink? Does the pH of tap water change over the course of the day? Does it change day by day? Or after a large rainfall or snowstorm?

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    The Water You Drink

    Where does the water we drink come from before it reaches our tap? From a nearby reservoir? River? Lake? Water well? On the way from the source to your glass, water can absorb acids and alkalis. It also can pick up various salts from those accumulated in the pipes. Let's determine the acidity of our tap water and find out weather its pH varies day after day. By doing so, we can for example, understand whether pH of tap water will change or not after a heavy rainfall, a severe snowstorm, flood or a prolong drought.

    Having mastered the technique of measurement, we can monitor the pH of our tap water on a regular basis so we know how good is the water we drink and use for cooking.

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