1. Drop off a battery – help save the planet!

    What do you do with used batteries? You don’t simply throw them away in the garbage do you? Please don’t do that! Recycle batteries correctly and join us in creating a map of hazardous waste drop-off centers.

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    Drop off a battery – help save the planet!

    Electric batteries contain poisonous substances: mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc, manganese, indium, bismuth, and other elements. Batteries of different brands vary in their chemical structure, but as a rule all of them are very poisonous. Studies have shown that the contents of just one battery can poison an entire cubic meter of soil. Poisonous substances leach into subterranean waters, are absorbed by plants, and enter into animals’ bodies. One used battery, not correctly recycled, can poison two trees, two moles, one hedgehog, and thousands of earthworms!

    In the blog section of this project you can find more information about the harm caused by heavy metals contained in batteries.

    How many batteries from remote-controlled cars, toys, TV remote controls, and other devices do we throw away each year? It is time to consider correct disposal so that the environment doesn’t suffer further harm.

    In many parts of the world used batteries are gathered and recycled separately from other household waste.

    In this project we create a map of battery drop-off centers. It is highly likely that you have at least one in your city- do a little research and find out!

    When you find them, do not forget to fill in the Report Form and put them on the map.

    You can organize a battery drop-off center by yourself- in your school, through extracurricular clubs or activities, or even at the entrance to your house. And then put this center on the project map! It is very simple! Choose a place where you can put a container for used batteries, create informational posters, and hang them up near that place. Use your imagination as you design your container in a way that makes people want to use it!

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