1. Andersen’s fairy tales as text messages

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    Do you think old literature genres can keep up with technological progress? What if we combine a fairy tale and today’s popular format of text messaging? Can we do that? What will we get?

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    Andersen’s fairy tales as text messages

    “Brevity is the soul of wit”. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius stated that the true art of speaking is to use as little words as possible. In this generation, we tend to use short messages to express our thoughts. The most popular options are Facebook, Twitter, and text messages.

    An Argentinian writer Fabian Negrin compiled a book of his favorite fairy tales presented as short messages. The book was published in Germany and those of us who speak German can look it up (“SMS-Märchen”)

    How about joining Negrin and rewriting H.G. Andersen’s tales? Andersen’s stories are well known all over the world. To honor his great talent the Hans Christian Andersen Award is given biannually to authors whose works have made an impact on children’s lives and Andersen’s birthday is now International Children’s Book Day.

    Which one of the Andersen’s fairy tales is your favorite? Would it be The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, Ole Lukøje, or Thumbelina?

    For this project, choose a fairy tale written by H.G. Andersen and create a short message. Your fairy tale text message should be no more than 140 characters. With the minimum information allowed, what do we gain and what do we lose? The more fairy tales you rewrite, the more interesting the outcome of our project will be.

    Fabian Negrin states: Fairy tales are extremely adaptable. This immortal narrative has been passed from adult to child, generation after generation since the dawn of humanity. By turning fairy tales into short messages, we are shaping them into a new format in the hopes that our journey to the future will be illuminated by their message.

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