1. Books: paper or electronic?

    We often hear negative statements about electronic books from fans of traditional hard copy reading. However, there are an increasing number of ardent supporters of "e-readers", or electronic book devices. Let us find out which method of reading is the most popular!

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    Books: paper or electronic?

    What to choose: a "traditional" paper book or an "e-reader" - an electronic book device? There are pros and cons to each option. An e-reader is a mobile device with a variety of different functions that can store a huge number of books in a small space. However, reading paper books has a special magic: you feel a strange sense of satisfaction while flipping pages and holding a hard cover. Plus, who doesn’t like actually smelling the physical book?!

    Who are today’s readers? What is he/she looking for in literature today? What kinds of books and literary genres do young people select today?

    In the 21st century, when life races forward at breakneck speed- especially in large cities- is there even time to read books anymore?

    All these questions can be answered. Let’s do it together!

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