1. Speak to GlobalLab

    Where in the past, present or future would you like to visit? Tell us in an 30 second audio recording that you prepare and submit.

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    Speak to GlobalLab
    In prior projects, we submitted data to help us answer the Hello Unit’s overarching question—who are we as a community? We did this by providing information about our environments, our communities and schools, and our interests. We went from broad perspectives down to our preferences and what we like.
    Now, we’ll briefly explore how we think about the world. We’ll answer some questions that seem simple, but actually require some thought.

    1. If you could go to any event or place anywhere in time—the past, the present, or the future—what would it be? The event could be historical, cultural, sporting, or anything else of your choice. Moreover, if you want to go to the past or future, how many years into the past or future would you go?

    2. What do you think other GlobalLab participants will choose? Will most participants select an event in the past? The future? Or something happening today? Let’s see if we can predict what most of us will choose.

    3. Finally, if you could go anywhere in the world today, where it would be? A city? A nature preserve or wonder? A cultural landmark?

    We’ll submit our answers into a report form, but we’ll also provide our data in a new way. We’ve submitted different kinds of data:

    quantitative data: numbers, such as when our communites were founded or their current populations;

    qualitative data: cathegires in the form of specific words, such as the kind of biomes we live in or the kinds of pets we have;

    visual data: photos of our schools, our pets or ourselves, and 

    written data: short essays on our schools or pets.

    Now we’ll submit another kind of data—spoken words. You’ll write a short script and speak it as an audio recording. Your recording can be no longer than 30 seconds. Think of it as a voice tweet.

    In your voice tweet, tell us which event or place you would go to in the past, present or future. Then briefly explain why you want to visit that event or place. The challenge is to say all of this in 30 seconds—not a second more.

    Therefore, you need to write down your answer and practice saying it. Speak normally and clearly as if you were talking to a friend. Time yourself and edit your text until you can say it in 30 seconds. Eliminate words that are unnecessary to what you want to say. With some editing and practice, you’ll communicate your ideas effectively and concisely.

    In the protocol, you’ll see that you can record and upload your script directly in the report form.

    Additionally, upload your script as a text file. Don’t forget to spellcheck it first. Participants will read your words as well as hear you speak them.

    • Learn to speak concisely and clearly by communicating ideas in a 30-second audio recording
    • Reflect on where in time we’d visit if we could go anywhere in the past, present or future

    You may have your own thoughts as to where in the past, the present or the future you’d visit, but where do you think most participants in our community would like to go? We’ll have the opportunity to make a prediction and see if we’re correct.

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