1. All dolled up!

    What kind(s) of dolls are made in different regions of the world? What type(s) of materials do doll-makers around the globe utilize when creating their dolls? And, why do people even make dolls?

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    All dolled up!

    Almost every household on earth has at least one doll. Many of these dolls might be favorite playthings but some of them are special collector’s items. These unique dolls are often present in souvenir and gift shops, as well as museums, and are often part of a collection.

    Do you have a national costume doll at home? Is there a doll museum nearby? Let’s take a closer look at some of these special dolls and we’ll discover that they can tell a lot about the history and culture of their place of origin.

    As each of us shares the story and background of a doll, we can begin to create a map of the “doll planet”. What clothes do they wear? What are they made of? Who are they for? Who made them? And how do the many geographical and historical factors of their homeland influence them and their creation?

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