1. The holiday comes to us...

    Holidays! How we are waiting for them! Let us complete the list of holidays, not only the most popular but also unusual.

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    The holiday comes to us...

                                                                        Christmas comes but once a year.

                Everyone knows that the holidays are divided into different types  in accordance with one or another tradition. They are religious and revolutionary, they can be observed around the world and they can be celebrated only in the family circle. Some holidays have come to us from ancient times and some have appeared recently. There are real rituals during some holidays but in some others it is enough just to smile. Holiday is  fun, celebration and games.  It is simply impossible to remember all the holidays!

    And we invite you to consider a variety of holidays. Perhaps they are important only for your family or your school. We hope it'll be interesting for many people to explore the history of holidays, the dates of event, traditional dishes etc.

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