1. This is My Home

    What makes your home town special? Share this with your GlobalLab friends and discover what they said about where they live.

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    This is My Home

    If you had to introduce people to your community, what’s the first thing you would show them? How would you describe where you live? This project enables you to introduce your community to GlobalLab participants around the world.

    Where are you on the world map?
    Do you live in a city? A town? A farm?
    What is your natural environment like?
    Are there rivers, mountains, seas, lakes, plains, hills, deserts or forests around you?

    Take a picture of the first thing you would want to show people about your community. Maybe it’s your street. Or your school. Or a landmark, a monument, or a distinctive natural object that identifies your home town.

    Submit your data to the project and compare your home to those of other participants. Explore their locations on the map and find participants who are nearby and those who are most distant. Find GlobalLab participants who live in cities, live by a sea, or are surrounded by woods. Enjoy your friends’ photos of their communities and wonder what it would be like to live in those places.

    Discuss your findings with other participants and discover friends and colleagues for new projects.

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