1. Who discovered America

    Schoolbooks teach us that it was Christopher Columbus who reached the shores of America in 1492. However, history has painted a much more complicated picture. Was Christopher Columbus the first European to locate the Americas by sea? When was America discovered — and who actually found it first?

    Who discovered America

    The Age of Discovery lasted from the mid-15th to mid-17th century. European travellers, such as Christopher Columbus, have changed the course of human history. It is a commonly held belief that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Later on in 1497, Amerigo Vespucci, another Italian explorer, claimed to have discovered this huge landmass. However, one cannot say for sure that Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci was the first to discover this huge continent. The Chinese claim that they discovered America long before the voyages undertaken by European sailors. So who really discovered America?

    It’s high time to do some research of our own. Let's find more on the topic through details about voyages taken by different explorers at different times to answer the problematic question.

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