1. A meal fit for a king…breakfast!

    Why do most parents insist that one eat breakfast? And, what kinds of foods are eaten first thing in the mornings around the world? Using the data we collect let’s discover and celebrate a variety of breakfast foods.

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    A meal fit for a king…breakfast!

    It may seem that breakfast, an everyday event, has nothing to do with scientific research. Who wants to get out of bed in time for a lengthy breakfast? Everyone has things to do and places to go at the beginning of the day. With little time to spare we rush to school or work, grabbing a little something to eat or drink on the way out the door. Some of us even skip breakfast altogether. Does what we eat for breakfast (our initial fuel of the day) make a difference? Does it matter if the day begins with yogurt or rice or cereal? Do you eat the same thing everyday for breakfast? What about breakfast on weekends?Maybe, at least once during the weekend, we can prepare a favorite breakfast recipe and/or enjoy a leisurely breakfast around the family table. As you consider the foods you eat we invite you to share your favorite breakfast recipe(s). And we will investigate together whether breakfasts on weekdays differ from those on weekends.

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