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    2. Where was your school? 
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    3. The date of finish the school 
    4. How much time did you spent to go to school in the morning? 
    5. How did you get to school? 
    6. What time did your school finish? 
    7. Have you ever late for school? 
    8. You were good at...  What subject did you know best of all?
    9. Who was your favorite teacher and why? 
    10. How many times a week did you study English? 
    11. The biggest homeworks  Was there a teacher who asked you to do the biggest homeworks?
    12. What school subject you didn't like at school? 
    13. Did you take extra classes after school?  Remember what extra classes did you have after class.
    14. Did you go any kind of sport at school?  Perhaps, there was a sports section.
    15. What was the best thing for you during school time? 
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    16. Your biggest success  Remember about the biggest success in the school years. Share your photos, please. Don't forget to sign what was the event and date.
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    17. Plans for the future  Share your plans for the future: which profession do you choose, what will you be, etc.