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      Special Days

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    2. Stage 1 . How are special days in different countries celebrated?
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    3. Where do you live? 
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    4. Are special days of your country important for you? 
    5. What events (special days) of your country are important for you? 
    6. Create an invitation card for a party. Drop-and-drag it here.  Write: name, date, place, address, dressing up. Your card should be catchy and creative.
    7. Make a thanksgiving card. Drag-and-drop it here.  The thanksgiving card should be catchy, creative and include your thanks for music, food and activities.
    8. Make a poster of your school/class event. Drag-and-drop it here. 
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    9. Record your speech. 
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    10. Stage 2 . Conclusion
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    11. What project activity was the most interesting for you? 
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    12. What was the most difficult?