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      Built on Hope

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    2. Enter the town/city you are investigating and its region/state, or move the marker on the map from your location to the location of the town. 
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    3. Town/city name  What is the name of your town or city with the name “hope” in it?
    4. Year of founding  In what year was your town was founded? If your town was founded under a different name and was renamed to “hope” later, enter the date when the town was renamed with “hope.”
    5. Source  Where did you get most of the information for this investigation?
    6. Founding fathers  Who founded your town?
    7. Town sign  Upload the photo of the road sign with your town’s name.
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    8. Essay  Why do you think your town got this name?
    9. Art project  Upload the photo of your collage or art project.
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