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      Charity begins at home

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    2. Where are you from? 
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    3. We must help people when/if they are.... 
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    4. Choose three best ways to help people who are in need 
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    5. Are there any volunteers at your school?  You should choose only one option
    6. Have you ever taken part in charity? 
    7. What ways of volunteering are most preferable for you?  You should choose only three options
    8. Is there any charity organisation or a fond in your hometown? 
    9. What goals would your charity organization pursue if you had the opportunity to create it? 
    10. Present your organisation (from question 8) in the form of an emblem and a moto  The emblem and the moto should reflect the causes (goals) your charity organisation supports. You can upload the emblem of the organisation which is popular in your region or any other organisation that suits your goals
    11. How old are you?