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      Clothes make the man

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    3. Place of residence  Choose the place where you live.
    4. Your attitude to the folk costume  Do you find the folk costume attractive? Would you like to wear the national costume or its accessories in everyday life?
    5. Have you ever worn a national costume  (or its accessories)
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    6. It was the national costume of  Choose one or more variants.
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    7. You can have a chance to see your region national costume 
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    8. The national costume type 
    9. Describe your regional national costume  Study the information in the books or the internet resources, describe a male or female dress. Indicate the dress you are describing.
    10. Put here some pictures of your region national costume  Use your family album pictures, your hand-made works: pictures, dolls, any examples of the folk dress in any techniques.Using the internet recourses, don't forget to give the sources reference.
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    11. Have you got any pictures of you or your family members wearing folk dress?  It can be the national costume of any place. Name this place, please.
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