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    4. Relationship of the speakers  Select which type of relationship best describes the position of the author of the compliment in relation to the recipient.
    5. Unequal social status (optional question)  If the social status of the conversation partners is not equal, select the best descriptor of the relationship from the choices below:
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    9. Subject of the compliment  Which quality, ability, or action served as the primary motive for the compliment?
    10. Type of compliment  In which category does this compliment belong? Consult the Read More section of the Protocol if you are uncertain what these categories mean.
    11. Goal of the compliment  In your opinion, what was the goal of this compliment?
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    12. The recipient’s reaction  Was the compliment accepted or denied by the recipient? Select the most suitable option.
    13. Why do we need compliments? (optional question)  Do you think that people today need compliments? What is the future of the compliment?
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