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      Do you speak English?

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    3. How long have you studied English? 
    4. What level have you reached? 
    5. What textbook do you use?  For example: Биболетова, Enjoy English
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    6. What computer programme do you use?  For example: Обучающая компьютерная программа "Enjoy English" для 4 класса версия 2.0
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    7. Do you use memory cards? 
    8. Do you study English in school? 
    9. Do you study English with your coach or on special courses? 
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    10. Do you read books in English or watch TV? 
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    11. What else helps you to study English?  For example: Summer language camp
    12. Have you ever visited another country where English is native? 
    13. Please write English proverb that you like the most.  For example: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    14. Please upload the photo of British cuisine that you like the most.  Please, respect copyright.
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    15. How old are you?