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      Eating habits

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    3. Are you a vegetarian? 
    4. What's your favourite dish?  Write only the name.
    5. What cuisine do you like most?  You may choose more than one variant.
    6. How often do you go to a restaurant or a cafe with your parents?  You must choose only one variant.
    7. How often do you go to a fast food restaurant?  You must choose only one variant.
    8. Which is your favourite restaurant, cafe, bar, pizzeria or a cafeteria?   Write only the name.
    9. What is a traditional holiday dinner in your family?  Write 1-2 sentences.
    10. Provide a photo of your holiday dinner. 
    11. What traditional dishes of other countries do you know?   Write the name of the dish and the country it is from.
    12. What dish can you cook?   Write only the name.
    13. Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?