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      Festival of City Sculpture

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    3. What does it look like?   The largest image of the object.
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    4. Some specific information  Upload a photograph of your sculpture sign (name, date, author, etc.)
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    5. The materials for sculpture  What materials were used to create city sculpture?
    6. Characters of the city sculpture   Today you can meet favorite movie stars in the form of sculptures. Perhaps your object for studing is a movie or a cartoon character, famous scientist. Specify the name of the hero and the name of a movie or cartoon and give other information.
    7. History of the sculpture  A lot of sculptures have interesting history. Some of them are surrounded by legends and stories.
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    8. Location of the sculpture  The city sculptures set in a certain place. And there are some reasons. Where is the sculpture and why in this place?
    9. Do you know about its age?   Approximate or exact date
    10. Your own city sculpture   What sculpture would you create? Where would you install it and why? Why the city sculpture is popular today?
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