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      Where does the magic happen?

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    2. Stage 1 .
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    3. Specify the approximate location of the creation of the chosen fairy tale or story. 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
      Location: ,
    4. What is the name of your chosen fairy tale or story? 
    5. Choose from the suggested list only the places you noticed in the tale and marked as “sacred”.  Do not forget that an enchanted place is a place where magic happens. Choose all possible locations.
    6. Now choose from the list below only the places you found and marked as “ordinary”.  Choose all possible locations.
    7. If you came across places that have names write them here, separated by commas.  Example: Hogwarts, The Shire, or Lilliput. If there were no place names in your tale, omit this question. This question is optional.
      This question is optional.
    8. Draw a map of your tale. Mark ordinary places in black and white and enchanted ones in colors. Make a photo of this map or scan it and attach the picture here.  Do not forget to label all the places you draw! Drag the file with your image here or choose it from your folders.
    9. Stage 2 . Заключение
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    10. Как много сказок вы проанализировали за время участия в проекте?