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    3. My age 
    4. My favourite Nursery Rhymes  Write the first verse of the rhyme you like the most in English.
    5. My translation  Translate the selected verse into Russian.
    6. What genre of children's folklore does the rhyme belong to? 
    7. Main character  If the main character has a name, write it down.
    8. The history and origin of the rhyme based in historic fact  Write a story or a legend that explains the hidden meaning of the nursery rhyme.
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    9. Imagination and fantasy  If there are any, write lines (or a whole verse), which can be distinguished as nonsense. You can look for examples in some other rhymes as well. Why such a phenomenon can be found in children’s folklore?
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    10. Linguistic features  Write out from the rhyme you have chosen one example of pun, uninterpretable nonsense words, lexical repetitions or words with reduplication. You can look for the examples in some other rhymes as well. pun – wordplay (I scream – ice cream) uninterpretable nonsense words - "Hey, diddle, diddle! Tally-Ho!" lexical repetitions - "Tickle ye, tickle ye in the hand" reduplication: sound repetition - “Baa, baa, black sheep” alternating vowels - “Slipper Slopper” adding consonants - “Insey Winsey” alternating consonants - “Charley Warlie” similar names - “Tweedledum and Tweedledee”
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    11. My illustrations  Illustrate the plot of the selected verse, make your own drawings or find pictures on the Internet. Take a picture of the illustrations and download them to the project.
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    12. I enjoyed reading this rhyme because 
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    13. My nursery rhymes  Compose your own nursery rhymes. Choose a topic. Come up with a name for the main character. Pick up a rhyme and compose a story. Add a touch of foolishness and lightness to your work. Try to make it funny.
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