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      III. Mapping a Storm

      Systems of units
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    2. Locate your storm on the map by moving your marker to the storm's position. 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
      Location: ,
    3. Share a screenshot of the storm as it is shown on the animated Global Winds map. 
    4. On what date did you obtain your storm information? 
    5. What was the storm's highest wind speed (velocity) on that date? 
    6. Select one option from below that describes your wind speed the best :  These are storm and hurricane categories, but relevant to cyclones and typhoons.
    7. What was the wind speed in the center of the storm? 
    8. Which way was your storm rotating? 
    9. How big was the storm; what was its diameter?  The diameter of a storm is the distance between high speeds on one side of a circle to high speeds on the other. Click on one side and write down its location. Click on the other side of the storm's center where the wind is highest and write down those numbers. Use the calculator at http://www8.nau.edu/cvm/latlongdist.html to determine the distance between these two points.
    10. What direction do you believe your storm is going?  Looking where the storm has been as a hint. You can do this by going three days back in time. Open the Control Panel: and click the left-pointing double arrow << in the "Control" line. Each click will take you back a day.
    11. Was your prediction correct?  Wait a day and find your storm again. Was your prediction correct? DO NOT PUBLISH A REPORT UNTIL THIS IS ENTERED.
      This question is optional.