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      Invent A Holiday

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    2. Indicate your location 
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    3. What is the name of your invented holiday? 
    4. Date of your invented holiday 
    5. Type of the invented holiday  Indicate the type of the holiday you think this should be.
    6. Reasons/Purpose  Celebrants will want to know the purpose of the holiday. What are 3 reasons why people should celebrate your invented holiday?
    7. Symbolic Elements  Identify up to 3 symbolic elements that will represent your invented holiday. Write the name of the specific symbol in the space provided to the right of the element.
    8. Symbols meaning  Provide the meaning behind the symbols you've suggested.
    9. Traditions  Think about the customs and beliefs you want to pass down from generation to generation. What activities will take part during your invented holiday that your celebrants will look forward to each year?
    10. Visual Representation  Create an invitation, postcard, flier or some other type of visual representation to promote your invented holiday. Be sure to include imagery that represents your holiday’s elements. This can be created digitally or drawn by hand.
      Please upload from 1 to 3 pictures
    11. Are you interested in connecting with other classes to discuss holidays through video calls using Skype or Google Hangouts? 
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