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    2. Укажите местоположение 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
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    3. How often do you type on the computer? 
      • Select all that apply.
    4. Print this text  With this set of text, use a stopwatch to know the time for what you typed this text. The big clock on the tower of the Palace of Westminster in London is often called Big Ben. But Big Ben is really the bell of the clock. It is the biggest clock bell in Britain. It weighs 13.5 tons.
    5. For what time you have typed this text? (40 words)  The number is given in seconds.
    6. Type any a set of letters or the text with close eyes 
    7. How often do you use the letter "Q" 
      • Select all that apply.
    8. What letters do use more often?  What letters do use more often when you type the text with close eyes?