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      From all the places on the Earth… where would you like to live?

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    2. Mark the place you are living at the moment 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
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    3. What is your gender? 
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    5. Which climate zone would you like to live?  Below is the list of climate zones by Alisov (for more information search for Alisov's Climate Classification in the internet). (Choose only one answer)
    6. Which biome would you like to live?  1. There are lots of different biome classifications and they differ one from another. In this project has been used bioms from the map placed on the Wikipedia's article "Biome". 2. (!) Please keep in mind that for some biomes there is only one possible climate zone. And for other biomes there can be several which fit. (Choose only one answer)
    7. Which place from the list below would you like to live?  (Choose only one answer)
    8. Close to which body of water would you like to live?  (You can choose several answers from the list below except the last option. Choosing the last answer please make sure you haven't chosen anything else.)
    9. What kind of settlement (size) would you choose?  Difference between all settlements and it's sizes is not quite clear. So please choose the answer based on your gut feeling. (Choose only one answer)
    10. Do you have any other factors important for you which has been used while choosing the perfect place?  Please list and number the factors below if there is any.
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    11. Find on the map example of your perfect place.  You can choose some specific place or some area. Change the size of the map as much as it's needed. How to use the map below: 1. Find on the map a place you need; 2. Clik on the icon with a dot (small circle) on the left column; 3. Clik on the place you've chosen earlier. If you need to remove a dot or figure you made, please do the folowing: 1. Click on the arrow icon on the left column; 2. Click by the figure you want to remove; 3. Click on the bin icon on the left column.
    12. How did you choose the place?  (Choose only one answer)
    13. Draw a picture or find a foto of the place, which reflects your perfect place to live  Using picture or foto from the internet please remember about copyright.
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    14. Write a short story why did you choose this particular place and what do you like the most in it 
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