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      Books and their characters

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    3. Author of the book  Write the name of the author of the book you have chosen.
    4. Title of the book  Write the title of the book you have chosen.
    5. Time period described in the book  During which time period do the events of the story occur? If the action in the book is stretched out over a period of time, choose the most important or main time period for the story.
    6. Name of protagonist  Who is the protagonist of the book? Write his or her name. If there are several main characters, choose one of them.
    7. Type of protagonist  Select a category, which matches the protagonist and, in your opinion, best describes his or her main role in the book.
    8. Unusual or uncommon character type  If your previous answer was “other”, specify the type of the character you met in the book.
      This question is optional.
    9. Life values of character  In one or two sentences describe the life values of the character. You can use quotes from the text (using quotation marks to note an exact quote).
    10. The author's attitude towards the character.  How, in your opinion, does the author refer to this character? Choose the most suitable option.
    11. Your attitude towards the character  Choose the most suitable option.
    12. Does your attitude towards the character match that of the author’s? 
    13. Fate of the character  Which of these categories best describes the character’s fate in the book?
    14. Your own opinion of the book’s character  Based on the questions listed above and your selected answers, write a short essay on either of these topics, "This is my type of character” or "This is not my type of a character".